Mr. Lucky on Three Street

One evening in early November, we trotted out to Armstrong and Three Street, Third to those out of know. Mr. Lucky was throwing a party and hosting an open studio. On large canvases in dark rich oil colors, Mr. Lucky paints conceptual figurative works. Drawing off his extensive experiences as a private detective, his faces reveal the subtle tells of people who have something to hide. Something that charms but also sends a shiver down one’s spine; an intriguing result! He has also painted many lovely figures, portraits, dreamy landscapes, and abstract water colors that are my personal favorites.

Over Martini’s and bubbly, with The Killing playing silently on the screen and Astrid Gilberto swooning us with her sweet song, Laura Hazlett ( explained her recent coup. She designed a dress for a gay man attending a Marie Antoinette party just outside of Paris. The skirt looks like layers of cake, the middle is a tight bodice, and the sleeves, puffy pink poodle heads that bark!!! She also recently created costumes for two ladies who attended Heidi Klum’s Halloween fete. Both were old broken ballerina dolls; one was a white swan with cockroaches and spiders among the feathers, and the other was black with mice! Heidi Klum was dressed as an old lady with a cane. A brave costume for a super model. She has scored some points in my book.

DeWitt Cheng the art writer and curator was there too. We talked about the value of art. Or rather, if you are interested in creating a more just world, why spend one’s life making or writing about art? Our conversation reminded me of a story I once heard. At the end of the Serb-Bosnian war, some members of the ODC dance company went to Bosnia to ask women in a village what they needed. The dancers wanted to host a fundraiser back in the San Francisco Bay Area to raise funds to buy them food, clothes, etc. whatever they needed. The women looked at them for a long time and then said something to the extent that they needed food for their souls, they needed culture. They asked ODC to raise funds to fly their troop to Bosnia to perform. Now sometimes food and clothes do take priority over anything else, but without soul food, other food may seem futile.