To keep up spirits, here are several of my favorite acts of resistance so far, some hopefully effective, some hilarious. This catastrophe may end up being what we needed to wake up. At least now that we can see the problems more clearly, maybe we can fix them.

—There are some excellent sites, better than ever, to help us mobilize.

—Scientists are planning a scientist march on Washington DC. Imagine a sea of white lab coats descending on the capitol.

—Stephen Colbert is a must watch:

—Donations to the American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood, etc. are at record highs.

— Mayors of most major US cities have refused to follow Trump’s anti-immigration orders.

___ Support Black Lives Matter

—The Women’s March in 2017 was supposedly the largest protest in US history.

Trump cut funding for the Violence Against Women Act. In Russia, where domestic violence was basically made legal, women painted their faces with fake bruises and walked about Moscow in twos or threes (because a women’s march was not allowed) to protest domestic violence. Brilliant! Maybe we should copy them.

— Last but certainly not least, please support freedom of the press and freedom of speech.