Editorial Services

cropped-img_0678-1.jpgTo meet your needs, Lindow Editorial Services provides a full spectrum of  services including project management, writing, developmental editing, fact-checking, copyediting, and proofreading.

Does your project require graphic design or website development? I am an associate of Gestalt Graphics and I would be happy to partner with them on your project.

I offer free estimates. Please contact me at jujulindow@yahoo.com with a brief description of your project, and I will contact you to discuss options.

Writing: Do you need web copy, your institution’s history, educational or marketing materials, a newsletter, an article, a report? I love working with clients to help them define their audience and goals—to tell their story. This may involve writing from scratch or distilling and shaping long or scattered texts into sharp engaging pieces that are fine tuned for a target audience.

Developmental Editing: Do you need a fresh and professional perspective on your overall text? Do you need help making your text not only correct, but engaging? Do you need help refining your argument, organizing your thoughts, and sharpening your focus?  I will help structure your piece so that each paragraph is focused, your ideas flow logically, and your voice is consistent. I will make sure your argument is clear and persuasive. Your readers will be charmed.

Copyediting: Does your text need to be polished so that it is clear, coherent, consistent, and correct?

Copyediting Levels:

Heavy Edit: Do you want your sentences to be concise and laser  focused? I will edit your text sentence by sentence with an eye for flow, transitions, consistency, clarity, and correctness.

Medium Edit: Does your writing need a good polish? I will focus on grammar, punctuation, and spelling to ensure that your text is the best it can be.

Light Edit: This level of editing is perfect for you if you are confident about your writing but need a professional eye to make sure your writing is correct and meets professional standards.

Proofreading: Do you need fresh eyes to make sure your text is free of typos and errors? Let me comb through one last time before the piece is published.

Professional Standards: I always anchor my writing and edits in the appropriate style guide (usually Chicago Manual of Style or Associated Press Stylebook), and I am comfortable working with institutional style guides, so you can be confident that your text will meet professional and industry standards. Your readers will be impressed.

Topics: I enjoy working on a variety of topics and I love learning about new topics. Most of my writing and editing experiences fall into the following categories: history, culture, cities, arts, health, medicine, environmental issues, college application essays, and retail marketing.

How will you receive edits? Usually I use Word’s track changes and comment bubbles to share edits. I am happy to use other project management tools when requested.

A bonus for you. Also, if requested, I will provide you with a style sheet so that you can maintain the same styles when you edit or add text to your website or reports.

Are you new to the benefits of professional copyediting and wondering if it is worth the cost? The following article, though addressed to academic authors, applies broadly to all writers:

“How to Hire & Work With an Academic Copyeditor,” by Wendy Belcher

Do you have a limited budget for editing? I am happy to work with you and tailor my services to fit your most important needs.

Please contact me at jujulindow@yahoo.com with a brief description of your project and I will contact you to discuss options.